Top Camp in Dhanaulti

Top Camp in Dhanaulti

Camping in Dhanaulti: Adventuringin Nature’s Lap

Camping – a word that immediately triggers several images, sometimes nostalgic memories, of happy moments spent with family or friends before a bonfire under a starry night. Who wouldn’t want to live this experience of a lifetime? Living in tents, trekking in the mountain valleys, fishing in the nearby river – the fun never ends while camping.

So why wait? Experience this indescribable joy at one of the best summer camps in Dhanaulti – Camp Mountain Valley. Nestled in a small but beautiful village of Uttarakhand, Dhanaulti invites tourists from all over the country every year to stay in its luxurious tents equipped with the best of modern amenities.

It’s not just the unique tent stay that’s the major attraction at the resort.Holidaymakers to Dhanaulti are more drawn towards the numerous outdoor adventure activities that the place offers.

Adventure camps in Dhanaulti and nearby places

If you are the adventurous type who loves to get an adrenalin rush on your holiday, then camping in Dhanaulti gives you an exclusive opportunity to add a touch of thrill to your otherwise serene vacation in nature’s paradise. Here’s a list of all the adventure activities you can enroll yourself for during your stay at a top camp in Dhanaulti or at other tourist places around:

  • Zip line crossing – Feel the beauty of the lush green world around you and take in breathtaking views of dense valleys at the 300 m long zip line at Dhanaulti, the longest in the area. You can sign up for valley crossing too with the 200 m skywalk here.
  • Air rope pedaling – The first of its kind adventure activity exclusively offered in Kanatal, a few kilometers from Dhanaulti, but not worth a miss. Try cycle pedaling on a rope suspended in the air! It can’t get scarier than this.
  • Water sports – If you like thrill in the water, Dhanaulti and its nearby attractions won’t disappoint you. There are loads of adventurous water sports to enjoy in Tehri Lake, a spectacular dam just a few hours away from Dhanaulti. Or, there’s the 9-km-long stretch for river rafting in Rishikesh, just about 2 ½ hours from Dhanaulti,and a major attraction for both local and international adventure lovers.

The best part about staying at Dhanaulti camps is that you can book yourself for a special package that combines a luxurious stay at one of the deluxe tents in Dhanaulti with one of the several adventure sports options in and around the area. What’s more – each of these packages offers a lovely bonfire at night with some raving music, just perfect to create special memories with your loved ones to cherish for a lifetime.

With all this and much more on offer, while camping in Dhanaulti, there’s hardly any reason to not take a vacation anytime soon to this nature’s delight. And gift yourself a unique experience by choosing to stay at the best summer camps in Dhanaulti. Snuggle up in the lap of nature while taking some time out to live your dream of being adventurous as well.

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