Resort in Dhanaulti

Resort in Dhanaulti

Catch the Camping Fever in Dhanaulti

There are many merits to experiencing life in the great outdoors. While city life limits the existence of an individual to concrete boxes and the daily work and home grind, the outdoors offers a chance to truly expand one’s horizons. Exploring the outdoors comes in many forms and camping is the most popular among these. Like anywhere else, in India, camping is restricted to certain areas defined by forestry and an all-natural ambience and environment that campers seek out. Dhanaulti, in the foothills of the Garhwal Mountain Ranges, is one such popular camping destination.

Located 24 km away from Mussoorie, Dhanaulti is a small town defined by heavily forested areas and all-natural landscapes that are the ultimate quests for the avid camper.

Best Camping Spots in Dhanaulti

Your best options for camping in Dhanaulti are camping resorts in the area. Such is the prevalence of the camping lifestyle in this small Himalayan town that you will have no issues while attempting to find luxury camping resorts in Dhanaulti. Conversely, there should be no issues while attempting to find budget sites for camping in Dhanaulti town. The camping resort experience in Dhanaulti meets the needs of all camper types. Explore varied camping opportunities in Dhanaulti such as…

  • Riverside Camping Destinations in Dhanaultioffer the unique experience of camping on the banks of a river alongside views of the snowcapped mountains and the valley. These campsites are known to offer excellent adventure sports opportunities such as kayaking and river rafting.
  • Comfortable Camp Sites in Dhanaulti Region – is an experience that will dispel the common misconception that camping is uncomfortable.  These luxury campsites specialize in luxury camping tents in Dhanaulti that ensure convenience and comfort without taking away from the holistic camping experience that most folks seek out.
  • Budget Camping Spots in Dhanaulti – provide an opportunity to experience the outdoors at a minimal budget. This is an experience many individuals prefer, especially when the motivation for camping is to give up superficial luxuries and be one with nature.
  • Adventure Camping Spots in Dhanaulti are just about any camping facilities in the area with scope for organized adventure sports such as kayaking, trekking, mountain biking and even river rafting.

All in all, it is easy to see that this Himalayan town offers varied camping experiences for a wide range of campers. Camping in the area needn’t be about letting go off all luxuries and comforts. Conversely, for those hoping to enjoy an experience that is different from a premium luxury holiday in a big city, Dhanaulti camping expeditions on a budget are the best choice.

Catching the Dhanaulti camping fever is as easy as ABC. A love for the outdoors and thirst for adventure is all you need to feel right at home at a Dhanaulti campsite by the river or at a higher altitude. Exploring the natural wonders of Dhanaulti and being awed by the sheer beauty of this small town, is truly possible with camping in one of its many camping resorts.

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